DC Comics Top 25 Sexiest Supervillains

Superheroes are hot. There’s no doubt about it. But see, I’m a DC Comics’ Girl to the bone, and I have my villain list ready.

A Villain’s Story

DC Comics Top 25 Sexiest Supervillains because what’s a hot hero without a sexy villain? A superhero is only as good as his rogues’ gallery. Most likely, that is why Batman is often a favorite by the general public. However, I’m a nerd, I read comics, and I know there are underrated villains!

I’m an author with quite a twisted mind. I like to make some of my villains sexy in various ways. Either it is their mind or physics or psychology, something about them has to make the reader want more. DC Comics’ aren’t oblivious to it either.

DC Comics

Here are my DC Comics Top 25 Sexiest Supervillains from, and let’s face it, those I’d like to test in bed too! Mwahaha…

Top 25 Sexiest DC Comics’ Villains

#25: Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul is one of Batman’s villains. He is the ultimate martial artist mentor to Bruce Wayne. Ra’s witnessed many decades, centuries, even of humanity evolving. When he discovered the Lazarus Pits, he realized his life didn’t have to end. He could just rejuvenate himself when his cycle would be near the end.

DC Comics – R’as al Ghul

What makes Ra’s sexy is his mind and intelligence. But also, let’s face it, he was Bruce Wayne’s mentor and to be as agile as he is, the physic comes with the training. I can put aside his determination to cleanse the world for a night or two.

#24: The Riddler

Riddler or Edward Nigma is another of Batman’s villains. How to describe him better than a quote from The Joker coming directly from Harley Quinn’s cartoon series!

“The Riddler’s shtick is to be the world’s most indirect asshole!”

DC Comics, Harley Quinn, The Joker
DC Comics – The Riddler

Many considered Riddler to be a useless villain. However, when the series Gotham decided to plunge into the mind of Nigma, we discovered layers to the character. He has an IQ dangerous for his own good and quite a desire to get smarter. I wonder what his smart could be in bed. That’s a riddle I’m ready to play with.

#23: Zoom

From The Flash’s rogue gallery, Zoom is a villain with quite a story. Hunter Zolomon, 2nd to wear the mantle, is not to be confused with Reverse-Flash. Zoom is Wally West’s archenemy from the comic books. His ties to be able to slow down time around him give him quite an advantage when facing a speedster.

DC Comics – Zoom

Zoom’s life is a tragic one leaving him misunderstood and having nothing to lose. He is a strong opponent and quite fit as he is a speedster himself. But if he can slow down time, does that mean an orgasm can last longer?

#22: Vandal Savage

Part of the Justice League villain list, Vandal Savage, is older than dirt. Theoretically, he could have been there when the first Christmas happened. His life goes back to the Prehistorically Era. A meteorite with alien debris gave him enhanced physiology and psychology. He became the inspiration to the biblical and iconic, Cain.

DC Comics – Vandal Savage

Now, tell me you wouldn’t be curious to experience what this man learned throughout thousands of years of history? I know I am. He wants to conquer the world, who doesn’t? I’m ready to succumb to carnal temptation.

#21: Mr. Freeze

Back to Gotham’s villains, Mr. Freeze is one of the underrated villains I came around to appreciate more. It turns out I share quite a few psychological traits with Fries, and I’m relatively cold myself. This deeply hurt and antisocial villain is a complex character in the Batmanverse. He wasn’t born bad but wildly misunderstood.

DC Comics — Mr. Freeze

For his taste in the more obscure sciences and his hate for meaningless socialization, I could go for a ride. Mr. Freeze might be cold, but so am I, and I’m curious to know what he could do with that brain of his.

#20: Merlyn

We are now in the Green Arrow universe. Merlyn is a villain that maybe got a more popular demand due to the Arrow television series. The show influenced the character’s origins. It also changed his social life by integrating certain aspects from the television series.

DC Comics – Merlyn

Merlyn has many accomplishments as a villain. He was part of The League of Assassins, The Injustice League, and so on. His archery is so great that it created a rivalry between him and Oliver Queen. He hits the target every time come and hit mine, you Dark Archer!

#19: Talon

I did say a superhero is only as good as his supervillains. Back to Gotham, we are with Talon. Part of the most recent villains, one iconic creation, is from Scott Snyder’s mind brought to life by Greg Capullo’s artistic skills. The top villains of Gotham are The Court of Owls.

DC Comics – Talon

While they are the puppet masters, their puppets are the Talons. They are the assassins. Talon is a villain targeting other villains and mostly those responsible for what he became. With skills beyond imagination, one must put those to the test in bed, and I’ll volunteer for tribute.

#18: Constantine

Some would argue that Constantine is either a superhero or an antihero. He is a villain because he keeps repeating that nobody should trust him because he will backstab. Constantine is an occult detective with abilities beyond comprehension.

DC Comics – John Constantine

Foul-mouthed as ever with a British accent, now who am I to resist? He is a compulsive smoker, but nothing that mouthwash can’t fix. I’d be curious what supernatural powers up his sleeve could make him even more irresistible under the sheets.

#17: Ultraman

In an alternate universe, the Justice League called Crime Syndicate is more like a bundle of bullies, and Ultraman is their version of Superman. He is ruthless as the mirror of Superman and, of course, without a doubt, a dreadful opponent.

DC Comics – Ultraman

All abilities that he has must be quite empowering, and the woman in those sheets quite lucky. That is if he knows how to use it, but I’m sure that he does. I’d be willing to test the theory and keep some kryptonite close. Don’t worry, in this universe, it makes him stronger.

#16: Arkham Knight

Arkham Asylum is a prison for the criminally insane in Gotham. It is a quite iconic fictional building. Arkham Knight is a masterful strategist and wears a militaristic suit resembling one of Batman. His combat skills can hold up to the Bat and are one to be reckoned with.

DC Comics – Arkham Knight

His hate for Batman goes a long way, but what has me fall for the character is his brain and training. I cannot help myself when meeting someone who has such a strategic mind and physical skills. Come in my bed, my shining knight!

#15: Bane

Let’s stick around Gotham and talk Bane. He had many reincarnations, and Tom Hardy gave him the ultimate persona. The character is a tactical genius and one of the most professional fighters. He does feed his muscles on a component named venom that allows him to grow stronger and terrorize his enemies. He is the only one that Broke The Bat.

DC Comics – Bane

I should despise him, but I must show respect to the only man who actually broke Batman. Bane is a laughing stock in the Harley Quinn cartoon. But, I can’t help myself, I have a soft spot for villains with a tragic past. It does make them pleasers…

#14: KGBeast

KGBeast is an ex-KGB assassin who turned supervillain. His skills are top-notch and rival those of Batman. He is a dangerous man and one that doesn’t mind killing to get to his target. He makes very few mistakes, which makes him at the top of the food chain when it comes to taking him down.

DC Comics – KGBeast

He is quite underused, and I believe on and off the Suicide Squad but not sure on that one. What makes him sexy would be his accent, his physic, and training. But I want to know more about this supervillain capable of taking down the love of my life.

#13: Faora

Who is Faora? The picture below might be of little help. She is part of the war criminals that accompanied General Zod to Earth to take down Kal-EL “our” Superman. I can’t tell why but there is something mysterious about her that has me want to know her more intimately. She is quite sexy if you ask me.

Why would I choose such a villain? Well, especially in the 2013 Man of Steel movie, I liked her psychopathic tendencies that were so perfectly in check. She knew exactly what to do or say at the perfect moment. Her looks combined with her intelligence, that Kryptonian is one I’d love to follow orders from.

#12: Deadshot

Deadshot is a crucial part of the Suicide Squad and the world’s most excellent marksman. His favorite weapon consists of two guns tied to arm bracers. His character is so important that he became the leader of the Suicide Squad when turned villain.

DC Comics – Deadshot

What makes him so sexy is that he was the only one in Batman’s absence that was good enough to have his own Deadshot signal. That’s right, he was a vigilante with a signal. So, I’d like to test that weaponry!

#11: Owlman

Part of the Crime Syndicate, Owlman is that mirrored universe’s Batman. He has a mind with an IQ so high that it flew too close to the sun. Owlman is radical and psychopathic. Either it is from the movie Crisis on Two Earths or comic book; Owlman remains the ‘evil’ counterpart to Batman.

DC Comics – Owlman

Villain to the Justice League, Owlman is the darkest and closest you can get to a psychopathic Bruce Wayne, and it has me curious. I would love to know what obscure thoughts he must have in his head. Come to me, you bird of prey!

#10: General Zod

After surviving the alienation of his planet and people, Zod, Krypton’s Military General, found his way to Earth. We know he is one of Superman’s greatest supervillains because of all the abilities that he shares. However, what makes him quite dangerous to Superman is that he has military training and tactical advantages.

DC Comics – General Zod

Zod is a Kryptonian I wouldn’t mind resting in bed. A mind that comes from an alien planet that is gone. Intelligent with the training, I’d like to test a few of his moves. He wants to enslave Earth, but I mean, take a number, right?

#9: Joker

Am I going too far here? Maybe, but I’m a little crazy myself. I said it before I like to live on the edge. The Joker needs no presentation. He is one of the most dangerous people on the planet and the most recognizable fictional supervillain of all time. Nobody knows his name only speculations and that he tortured Jason Todd to death, paralyzed Barbara Gordon, and is married to Batman.

DC Comics – Joker

I’d be curious to know what it would be like to have sex with this psychopathic killer. It is possible to learn a lot from someone from their sexual preferences. It is a side of us that we keep secret and intimate. So, what does this clown hides beneath his suit? I’d like to know.

#8: Reverse Flash

Eobard Thawne is the most common name when it comes to this character. However, Reverse-Flash is the go-to name for a speedster and had quite a few reincarnations over the years. He is one of the most dangerous supervillains in DC Comics. Think about it, you can control timelines and move through matter if not destroy entire dimensions. That is a lot of power for one person.

DC Comics – Reverse Flash

Who isn’t curious to know what it would be like to be in bed with someone who can…ahem…vibrate? That alone has my imagination go wild a little. Reverse-Flash can be quite hot because who doesn’t like a bad boy?

#7: Lex Luthor

What is there to say about Lex Luthor that no one knows? He’s Superman number one enemy and his a successful billionaire with an IQ that can maybe rival Bruce Wayne’s. His passion is to try to come up with a plan to take down Superman. Isn’t that about it? Well, you can learn a lot from achievements and failures.

DC Comics – Lex Luthor

He is Superman’s archenemy now. I’m curious to know if he can indeed be a rival to the Kryptonian. I must see if he can measure up and compete with this solar power superhero. That brings us to the next on the list!

#6: Injustice Superman

There you go! Superman turned evil, and all hell breaks loose. Earth is at the mercy of Superman, what Lex Luthor tried to avoid all these years! It only took one action to flip Superman from good to evil. If Superman turns against humans, we’re fucked. There’s no other word.

DC Comics – Injustice Superman

But, I volunteer for tribute to test that is the best between Lex and Kal-EL. I mean, a girl must know whom she stands and I mean it’s Superman. I must know what it’s like to sleep with the Man of Steel. He can’t have that name just for the obvious. It’s getting hot in my room.

#5: Red Hood

Red Hood and the Outlaws is one comic book that I like, but one of the greatest is Batman: Under The Red Hood. In that storyline that brought back Jason Todd, the successor to Grayson as Robin, he turns against Batman. Jason Todd becomes a dreadful enemy to Batman as Red Hood knows all of his secrets and went under a fierce training with The League of Shadows. He comes back to Gotham in his early twenties.

DC Comics – Red Hood

Jason Todd is one hot marksman and an underrated villain. I know, depending on the storyline, he can be more of an antihero but in some a dangerous villain. He is an assassin and crosses the line Batman won’t. A bit young, but I don’t mind having someone who can keep up with my mind. Come to mama, big boy!

#4: Harley Quinn

Born from Batman The Animated Series, the Joker’s sidekick made a name for herself. She went from an animated cartoon to the comic book world. She grew into this beloved antihero with fandom to herself. A bisexual character with a superior IQ and doctorate in psychology makes her a force to fear.

DC Comics – The Joker

Let’s face it. Harley is a sexy woman! As long as I’m not a patient, I’d like to know a few tricks that had The Joker stay with her. I might be more into men when it comes to sexual preferences, but I do have my exceptions because I experimented. Harley Quinn would be one of those exceptions.

#3: Deathstroke

Original number one villain to the New Teen Titans, Deathstroke, was part of the US Army. He became an enhanced soldier. The test gave him skills and intelligence way beyond humans. Deathstroke became a supervillain when he learned of the death of his son, Grant, and held the Titans responsible.

DC Comics – Deathstroke

He has skills beyond human capabilities. He is a little older, an experienced man with a life worthy of a movie of his own. I’ll crawl in bed with Deathstroke any time anywhere. I always found him quite hot. One-eyed man with battle scars and a story, now that is sexy!

#2: Lucifer

Is that one a surprise? Say what you will Lucifer Morningstar, despite his best intentions, remains a villain, technically anyway. He is the hottest villain you can find. Literally, he’s the King of Hell. In this universe, he walked out of his realm and decided to take a vacation for whom the fuck knows. It’s not like he cares. He opened a bar in Los Angeles because I guess Sin City was too obvious.

DC Comics – Poison Ivy

He is an angel. He has wings! He is the ruler of hell! I mean, do I need any other reason to have him so close to number one? He is The devil. Of course, I had dreams about this since I was a teen! I want to have sex with Lucifer. Yes, that is what I truly desire! Come on, show me those horns, you devil!

#1: Poison Ivy

That’s right! I saved the best for last! Those who know me wouldn’t be. She is a misanthrope, environmentalist, antisocial, introverted, intelligent, prefers nature to humans say no more! I’m in! This doctor in botany is more of an eco-terrorist than a supervillain. I’ve said it for years, and finally, it is official from the Harley Quinn cartoon.

DC Comics – Lucifer

Poison Ivy is bisexual, and who can resist her, no, really? She has pheromones she already uses to have people fall for her. But, she wouldn’t have to use that on me. I just love her mind, her psychological profile, and that sexy body of hers! The things I’d do!

DC Comics – Lucifer Morningstar

That is it! This is my DC Comics Top 25 Sexiest Supervillains! Why don’t you give me yours and we compare notes? I hope this was entertaining and until next time, have devilish dreams!

The OCD Artist,
Arielle-Fridrika Wayne

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